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Why using Facebook's "Boost Post" function is the same as throwing money into the street.

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Cash is King, surely that's the first rule of business?

I know you're thinking - something along the lines of "I've used 'Boost Post' before and I've had great engagement stats". Unfortunately, I have to burst your bubble. You see, the Facebook boost is probably one of the most ineffective tools you can use to market your business on the platform.

Have you ever noticed that Facebook uses a megaphone icon next to it's 'Boost Post' button? That's exactly what it does. In a nutshell, using the boost function essentially takes your post and throws it in front of as many people as your budget will allow. Of course, some of those people may be relevant, but imagine you're a vegan bakery. Sure, some of your reach may be to the 1.6% of the British population but the reality is that there is still a huge percentile that may not have any interest in your products at all.

But what about those engagement stats? Well, the reality is that engagements are a very loose statistic. Whilst a customer may 'like' or 'comment' on a post, this is the end of the journey. The question that we always use to challenge statistics is "so what?". This helps us to create a flowchart to see how effective an advertisement is.

- A post receives 100 likes - so what?

- 3 of the customers who have 'liked' the post have also 'shared' it - so what?

The point here is that this doesn't create that infamous marketing funnel that help us to determine the success of a campaign. By using more in-depth targeting, we are able to not only narrow the demographic reach but also use tools such as the Facebook Pixel which enables you to complete the circuit between a user clicking your ad and them converting to a customer. For example, you can insert the pixel on the checkout page of your e-commerce website or perhaps the enquiry page.

The solution here is simple - stop pressing the 'Boost Post' button!

If you're looking to spend your hard earned cash on social media advertising then take the time to learn the Facebook Ads platform. Understand how targeting works and demographics. Or, if you're not interested in getting bogged down with this kind of thing, get in touch with us at Dimension - we live and breathe digital marketing and we'd love to work with you.



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