Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk

Window shopping. Everyone's done it. In fact, that's what Sunday's were made for - right?

Your website and online presence are your shop windows. A space for you to share your passion with those beyond your doorstep and allow new clients and customers to find you. 


Your business has come a long way and so has the web. High resolution graphics, interesting content and effective optimisation is now the heartbeat of your online shop window. Responsive web design is all the rage!


At Dimension Creative, we have a fresh approach to creating and maintaining your website. No hidden fees, no recurring monthly subscriptions from us and the best part is that you're involved right the way through.


If you’re looking for website design in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk or anywhere in the U.K. for that matter, we’re here to help. We’re a digital marketing agency with a passion for creating incredible web experiences for our clients.

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We dive into your current website and online presence, analysing what works and what could do with an added Dimension.

As a team, we will then put all of the things that make you 'you' into our creative cauldron, ready to develop...



Time to get creative. Our team will build the website of your cyber dreams. Crafting each element to represent your business.

You'll be involved each step of the way to feedback on design ideas and features as well as receiving tutorials on how to manage your new site.


What's a car with no wheels? Our goal is to set you up for success and that means Dimension will always be by your side to help get the most from your digital shop window.

We also offer monthly support and updates if you need that extra hand.


of users won't trust an outdated website

Being complacent just isn't an option in the world wide web. If you've been sporting the same website for several years, it's probably time for a refresh and re-think.


Every dimension of your site needs to encompass your brand and your message, from the images to the copy, your customers are looking for the next product or service to spend their hard earned cash on, show them they're making the right choice. Our Suffolk web design team have all the creative skills available to help you along the way.

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The best part about working with us on your new digital shop window? You're involved throughout - no need to hand over your business and hope for the best. 

Our team work tirelessly to create innovative and interactive websites which tick all of your boxes. Whether it's a more paired back approach or a fully-fledged e-commerce powerhouse, we have the tools to make your business shine on the web.

The great thing about a Dimension website is the fact that once the product is built, it's all yours.


You can manage, edit, add and remove content in-house, without the need for a degree in computer science. We do of course also provide maintenance and management so you can take the pressure off your team.

Looking for web design in Suffolk? Look no further.

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Website design and building

Web development - including custom solutions

Domain, custom e-mail and server setup

Monthly support and updates to your content and blogs

Implementation of tracking tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

and much more...

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"How much will this set me back?"

Every logo is unique, every website button incomparable, each tweet peerless.
It's the same story with our pricing. We want to craft a package around you and your needs.


No hidden fees and no sales tactics. Pure passion for supporting local businesses. 

recent projects

Browse some of our recent web design projects below.

Looking for even more? Speak with our team. We have websites aplenty to share upon request.

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So... what are you waiting for? Let's get creative!