Your customers want to support you, so do we. At Dimension Creative, we offer bespoke digital marketing for businesses looking to excel.

Social media in today's landscape has become much more than a communication tool. It now presents the opportunity for businesses to talk directly to their customers in a way which could never be achieved previously. 

Audiences have become so much more immune to the social media marketing of the past and it's now about sending a message - your message. It could be that you are a restaurant which prides itself on local produce, or a personal trainer that's fanatic about fitness, people love to hear the story behind the product. Are you ready to let us tell yours?

We’re Dimension Creative, a digital agency in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency, you’re in the right place.


Our team will review and compile a comprehensive report, detailing all of the areas of your current social media profiles. 

We will also take the time to understand what your message truly is and look at how this can translate.


As part of our social media management, we will create a bespoke campaign plan for both organic and paid content which will enable you to make the most from your followers.

You can also take the opportunity to tweak the content and ensure every facet of your business is being shown in all of it's glory.


It's time to light the torch. Allow us to be your torchbearer and ignite the way for engaging, interesting and captivating content across your social media pages and ultimately deliver results.

Instagram now has

1 billion

active monthly users

It's impossible to gather 1 billion people into one room but platforms such as Instagram make the possibilities endless.

Whether your business is an artisan bakery or perhaps a fitness centre, let's get talking to your customers and share all that your business has to offer.

At Dimension, we offer a variety when it comes to levels of support and involvement. For some of our clients, they just need a helping hand to understand the kind of content they should create, when and where. For others, we are able to provide complete social media management, meaning we create, schedule and promote social content as well as manage paid social media campaigns so that you can focus on the bigger fish to fry.

“Passion is the gasoline of social media"

-Jay Baer, founder of Convince and Convert

What we can achieve

Social media planning for both organic and paid content
Targeted social media advertising
Complete social media management
Social media setup 
Social media training and advice
and much more...

"How much is this going to set me back?"


Every logo is unique, every website button incomparable, each tweet peerless.
It's the same story with our pricing. We want to craft a package around you and your needs.


No hidden fees and no sales tactics. Pure passion for supporting local businesses. 

Can we let you in on a little secret (or two)?
We regularly send out some great tips and tricks to our followers about getting the most from your business through marketing.
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