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We're keen to help share your story, now let's share ours.


At Dimension, we are proud to be on a journey with our clients, through the soaring highs and at times – as with all businesses – the grey days.

What makes our team unique is the fact that Dimension was built on three key principals; transparency, simplicity and quality. Allow us to let you into a little secret; our clients are part of our roster for one reason – because we share their passion. We believe in deep and meaningful relationships, on a strictly professional level that is. We choose to work with our clients because we fall in love with their businesses and we want the world to know it! All very romantic, isn’t it?

We also hold straight talking at the heart of our operation, forget SEO, SEM, PPC, X, Y and Z. Allow us to propose fresh, innovative and exciting strategies without the need for a glossary. Hey, we’re not all proficient in terminology but what you will be able to understand is the difference that Dimension can make to your business. Whether it be a sparkling website fit for a Queen, social media management that really creates a buzz or branding which makes your customers swoon.



You’ve also probably noticed that we’re not overly into corporate, clinical biographies. We’re all about telling a story, from the exposition through to the denouncement, we want to become part of your everyday, what makes your business tick and ultimately get your customers to click. We’re here to be your cheerleaders, a helping hand and most importantly the change that your business is looking for.


Ready for us to tell your story with an added dimension?  



Managing Director

With a wealth of experience in various sectors and determination for perfection, Kieran has a true passion for adding an extra Dimension to your business.

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Creative Assistant

The newest member of the Dimension team, Samirah is incredibly creative and excited to work with our clients.



Creative Assistant

A strong passion for creativity and excellence with a smile - what more could you possible need?



Account Manager

Alfie rules the roost. He's straight talking but incredibly switched on to the next big thing.


Client Relations

A true softie with the ability to bring the happy factor to every project and client.