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Why User Generated Content (UGC) Is A Great Idea

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Looking for a fresh approach to marketing your business? User Generated Content presents a great opportunity to engage your audience and expand it at the same time.

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We live in a world where you can get a message to the public within a matter of 280 characters and the click of a button. A stark difference to the days of purchasing advertising space in publications and spending thousands on billboards. What's more; we live in the age where everyone carries a camera in their pocket and has access to platforms where they can share their favourite foods, products and services online within seconds.

This presents an interesting opportunity for businesses both small and large. It enables you to both engage your followers and expand your reach at the same time without spending a penny. The term for this is User Generated Content and essentially means that your audience is creating the advertising for you, whether that's through pictures, videos or other digital media.

A great example of UGC is Wayfair. The online home store uses it's audience's imagery on it's social platforms all of the time. In fact, if you scroll through their Instagram feed today, you'll find that most of the posts feature images created by Wayfair customers.

One of the biggest positives to using UGC is that is creates a rapport with customers and builds authenticity. If you're selling teapots and a potential customer sees your social media filled with 're-posted' content from actual customers, they're going to be much more likely to trust your brand.

The other element to all of this is that you're effectively running an advertising campaign without spending any money. It's simple - if 10 customers posted about your new product and they each had 1000 followers, you're reaching 10,000 potential customers. You'd pay good money to reach that many people and the reality is that it's much more authentic coming from a friend or family member than a sponsored post.

If you're thinking about how to implement User Generated Content into your social media marketing campaigns but you're not too sure how to achieve it, why not get in touch and allow us to inspire your strategy.


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