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What Web Design Is All About - Behind the Scenes

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Delve into the world of website design with Bury St. Edmunds based Dimension Creative.

When many entrepreneurs want a new or improved website they think it is just a case of getting a freelance web developer and sitting back waiting for their new site. Others turn to “make your own template” sites and quickly put something together themselves. Many of these people are then sorely disappointed with what they receive and wonder why people are not contacting them from their brand new site. This type of web development which concentrates on producing a pretty looking web site is never the best option. You, as a talented entrepreneur, should be looking at obtaining a full service web design from a web design company – preferably one near you so that they can easily discuss all possible options with a trained web designer.

So what is web design all about? And why is it best to get a web design company to undertake producing your new website for you?

Rather than purely putting together a HTML, WordPress, Wix et al site together, web designers look at a website from the user experience. It also encompasses SEO so that the site can be easily found and ensures that the website looks just as great on a tablet and smart phone by using responsive or adaptive programming.

Branding is vital of course so that the viewer has a positive response to the company. This is reflected in the colours, graphics and layout of the site. Once the viewer comes to the website a positive and natural user experience is vital. This is called UIX – User Interaction and Experience. A great UIX web designer will ensure that the layout, menu structure and flow of the website copy takes the viewer to the important parts of the website quickly and effortlessly.

Web design also includes producing great copy for the site. The importance of the written word on a website is often overlooked or forgotten. Whilst it is true that a “picture is worth a thousand words” it is the words on your website that will encourage the visitor to contact you or even directly buy your products. A good copywriter will know how to write the words that will dictate the design of the site and thus guide the visitor around each page. They will ensure that they include what is called CTAs or calls to action. These are the “call us for a quote”, “contact us now” “pay here” buttons and missives that you see on a well designed web site. Too many will annoy your viewer and too few or even none will mean that the visitor gets confused as what they should do and then quickly moves onto another site.

Great website copy will both interest and educate the reader. It will explain what your company does and why people should trust you, reflecting both your brand and your brand story. It should stir emotion within the reader and encourage them to find out more about what your company can deliver for them. Good copy will ensure that your goods and services are described accurately in a manner that shows the viewer how their life will be better if they bought from you. Lastly it will encourage the viewer to stay on your site reading all about your company and then want to know more about your goods and services by clicking on the “call us now” button.

Let us not forget the actual graphics on the site. A good website developer will understand your company and branding and choose appropriate graphics that really showcase your company, its products and services.

So good web design encompasses, SEO, readability on laptops, tablets and smart phones, great design and graphics, UIX, branding and compelling copywriting? Well yes it does, but, putting this all together can be very difficult and stressful for an entrepreneur who has more pressing things to do. Therefore the last thing that a great web design company provides is project management.

They will talk to you about your company, products, services and branding so that they obtain a good idea as to what you require of your new website. You will be asked for some examples of sites that you like. The web design company will then go away with their team of developers, UIX experts, graphical designers and copy writers and set up a demo site for you. Once you have agreed the general design and layout with the, they will project manage the entire design of your web site for you, taking away all that stress and strain from you.

Now, if you are a local company, say a retail store, local service company, consultancy or training company then it really pays to work with a web design company near you. This is because they will know the local area and what your potential local customers are seeking. This can all be reflected within the design of your website. They can even include photos of your neighbourhood and advise you as how to market your website locally.

One such Suffolk website design company is Dimension Creative, based in Bury St Edmunds – the heart of Suffolk. Hey – that’s us! We have a whole team of creatives and marketing people, primed to give you the website that your company deserves. Why not contact us to discuss your new website?

Out team are here to help! We'd love to hear from you.


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